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Our experts inspect the car on over 200 checkpoints so you get complete satisfaction and peace

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  • Sell your car faster than others at a better price.
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    Car Consignment Singapore

    Car Consignment

    Car consignment Singapore is a leading car consign service provider in the country. We provide one of the cheapest consignment rates in the consignment industry. We only charge our customers a flat rate during the whole process. In case, the car seller approves a loan to buy your vehicle; you are guaranteed zero commission will be taken out from the asking price.
    Our experts' detail, advertise and sell your car. We do the work, so you get more money for your car.
    We Prepare It:
    Bring us the vehicle of yours, and we will aid you to choose your price. We detail, inspect, and snap photographs. So, it looks at its best for buyers at our car consign sg platform.

    We advertise the vehicle:

    We market your car all over Singapore on key auto purchasing platforms. As a result, you get maximum exposure.

    We Manage Purchasers:

    We schedule showings, answer every buyer’s questions 24×7, and go on test drives at our car consign sg store.

    We Make the Process Easy:

    We help our buyers with financing, warranty, and trade-ins, so your car consign vehicle sells quickly.

    Break Check up:

    We have the right caring, experience and dedication professional for you.

    What Is Car Consignment ?

    Consigning a car simply means selling a vehicle but not losing the possession of your vehicle. Car consignment method allows you to be owner of the car even after it is sold. Generally for car consignment you pay a business or a dealer to sell the car upon your behalf.

    Why Chose Car Consignment Sg

    At car consignment sg, we firmly believe in offering you with flexible conditions. Our focused and dedicated team of sales professionals will assist you to describe the most convenient or hand over date and time for both you and the purchaser.

    Here at car consignment sg, we know how dreary selling your vehicle can be that is the reason we’ve disentangled the business procedure for you. If you plan on selling your vehicle through car consign sg, visit us and we’ll deal with the rest for you.

    Our car consignment work doesn’t stop once you get an idea on your vehicle. We go the extra mile and assist you with orchestrating the exchange of possession and the remainder of the car consign administrative work associated with getting you your cash and the dealer their new vehicle.

    Car consignment Singapore offers an alluring choice for vehicle proprietors who might want to get more money for their vehicle than the seller exchange cost. The reason is the vehicle will be showcased at our store expertly without the customary car consignment issues.

    So, if you need a reliable car consignment service, come to us.


    We are a company that’s dedicated to providing you with smooth and dependable services car consignment services at the lowest rates as possible.

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    We offer one the lowest consignment rates in the industry. We only charge you a flat rate during the entire process. In an event the seller takes out a loan to purchase your vehicle, you’re guaranteed no commission will be taken out from the asking price.

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    We also believe in providing you with flexible terms. Our highly focused team of sales personels will work with you to determine the most convenient hand over date and time for both you and the buyer.

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    Our work doesn’t stop once you get an offer on your car. We go the extra mile and help you arrange the transfer of ownership and the rest of the paperwork involved in getting you your money and the seller their new car.

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    We have a systematized sales process that takes out the guesswork in landing the right deal. We answer the phone calls, respond to inquiries, and screen potential buyers in your behalf. You don’t have to take time out of your day to take care of these menial sales tasks because we’ve got you covered.

    Need assistance whether to sell or consign? Let us help you!

    Sell your car faster than others at a better price.


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